Studio II : Creative Response

prayer egg


This is my creative response towards my community of Buddhism. When I was thinking about what should I do with it, I thought about making a Lotus Flower Garment, a huge Buddha Beads, or even a made up vintage mantra. However, I thought I should do something “creative” instead of just focus on those symbols of Buddhism. But I am not saying that not taking any element of them. Of course I will. I only choose the beads as my main element of this project. I wanted to make a prayer egg to express the meaning of the beads. Why egg? Because there is one theme in Buddhism that the death is not the end of the live but a newborn of the lives. Then it also reminds me of the easter, people are all celebrating the newborn of Jesus. I wanted to combine two similar ideas┬átogether make it one. So add beads on this little plastic egg, I design a pattern first, and glued all these beads on. It really takes a long time to finish. And there is a little secret thing inside related to Pray. I wrote a prayer and put into the egg and wanted to keep the prayer with me, and have the egg to protect and keep praying for me. Hope one day my pray come true. I would feel so blessing. And I found during this process which really inspired in my later project, and made me want to focus on the object beads more.

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