First Iteration-Studio II



My first thought of this project was go to union square and set up a small table displayed with different kinds of beads selected by me and also different sizes and colors strings and also have this (up) poster next to the table to attract people around there. Beads in most religion all represents pray, peace. Especially in Buddhism, Mala always bring people a feeling of peace. In this city, people are way too busy and get not time to see the thing near them. It is really stressful to see those nonstop crowds on the street. So I want to let people engage with some new experience–build their own beads bracelets and also have the hand made beads bracelets as a free gifts. When people stop the steps and sit down to make those beads, then I am already succeed drag them from fuss lives to a moment of peace. And I also hope the bracelets they made could bring them luck and peace.

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For the first Iteration I want to have a experiment first. So I tried it in my lounge of my apartment. There are a lot of people come having rest or exercise, and there are tables and chairs. I think it should be a good place to get start. These(up) are the people who made a bracelet with me. They are actually really good at it. I love all the bracelets they made.

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