Observation while at the MoMA

Observation while at the MoMA

In the lobby you can see a lot of people hanging around there tourists, staffs, students, fashionable people, ordinaries. But for me as a museum, MoMa is way too much people and too noisy. I don’t really like the atmosphere. And if you have a big bag you have to save it before you go in. I can understand but it also kind of bothers me, because too many people are in lines to save the bags. you might have to wait about 10 minuets. Luckily, I am an art student I can get in for free, and my bag was not too big. IMG_5165

When I just walked in, there was a lot of glass doors, you can view the outside really clearly. people outside seemed more enjoyed about the nature environment and sat there having rest and also taking photos. I have been too MoMa three times, but I didn’t go out and have a look. I should do it next time.


I really love the spot at second floor, there are several book shelves. And have many awesome book resources there. Although I am not a reading person, but I still wanted to see the different types book, even just look at the design of the books. And people there were more quite than other place. they were just selecting and reading books. And this is why I love the space there. I hope MoMa can become more quite than now it is.


One Way Ticket by Jacob Lawrence

I stopped at the third floor. I saw this interesting hallway, a beautiful and graphic wall show up there. There were a lot of tiny word on the wall, people have to go closer and check them out. It like a huge time line shows in a amazing way. However, a lot people didn’t stop and look at the wall instead they walked really fast. I thought they think the inside of the room is main part of this exhibition or they just don’t care about it, like a tourist come here without purpose. But they really missed out the important guide of this exhibition. And it was actually really interesting to look at this large time line and see the tiny words figure out what are they.

.IMG_5170 IMG_5168

When I walked in this room. I was actually surprise by the amount of painting this artist did with this topic. And I also love the style of his painting, the color combination as well. His works are showing the African-American  immigrants came to America, and a records of their lives. I really love the frame they displayed his works, not luxuriant but unadorned which was really fit artists’ works. People close to the painting were staring the works quietly and seriously. But a lot of young teens there were focusing on there phone instead of the artworks itself. In the middle room of exhibition, there are 2 row of table which had touching pads offered people to see more details and content or context of the works. I like this is a great way to engage with people surrounding.

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