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designer statement:

This is the first group project to complete a garment with my partner in my two years of parsons. At first I am a little bit afraid of it, because everybody says that group project sucks. But luckily I got a great partner Jing, she is definitely helpful and cheerful. I had a great experience with her. And I need to say I love the topic we are doing even, it looks unbelievable at first. But I think all of us nail it. The most problem we met to make a schedule with our dancer, and I understand everyone is busy, sometime people don’t get to reply message right away, so which effect our fitting, plus our dancer is a man. We are not familiar with menswear making, or we had never done any menswear before. I did the muslin version top and bottom, the top doesn’t fit at all, and the bottom fit perfectly. And then we redrape the top and copy the pattern of bottom, start to use real fabric.The second fitting before the final check is a “surprise”, we were worried about top the most, and it turned out fit perfectly, However, the wasit band of the bottom is way too big. Me and jing were shocked and feel like we have to do it all over again. We change the insert a elastic to the back wasit band in order to make the waist smaller but also can put it on. And we leave the front smooth with elastic because we didn’t want to disturb the pleats. And the last thing I want to mention is the edge of pleats, we did sew the very edge in order to keep it shape.


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