Learning Portfolio Reflection Project

  1. Write a short bio to set the stage. Introduce yourself, your major, where you’re from, and primary art/design interests.

My name is Yiru Wang. I from Wenzhou(a small city near Shanghai), China. And I am major   in Fashion Design, mainly do womenswear. I got really interesting in drawing when was about 7 I took a drawing class, teacher gives a lot of freedom to draw. But soon I was dropped out because of my family thought the school work is more important than these little “interests”. And then I didn’t get to touch drawing until the last year of my middle school. Everyone was so stressed out because of the high school exam. I found some rest from drawing. And I decided study abroad in USA for high school, in order to apply my dream school Parsons school of Design easier.

After I came to the parsons, making garment was really delightful, and I love minimalism, anything clean, simple but with detail.

      2.Describe your work. What do you make? What are the formal qualities?

My works are really clean and simple, but with some surprising detail on them. I love to shopping the fabric. I always think fabric the key point of one garment, whatever how good the design is, if the fabric doesn’t good or fit, the garment is going to fall. 

       3.Describe your aesthetic values. In what ways do your projects communicate these?

I am doing womenswear, I Started the primary research on feminism. I want to create my own version of feminist. not thirst for imitating men, but a spiritual, confident woman who lives the life she wants. she can be gentle, yet strong. I wanted to describe my women or girls as water, because water is clean, gentle, but also can strong. And it is essential.

      4.How do you create your work? What tools are essential? What are your methods of making?

First,start with research for inspiration, or I got some inspiration from observing surroundings, and then keep do some sketches, also start draping; then final work. I think primary source and second source are really important to go deeper for your project.

I always started with research for inspiration, online, library, daily life,  

      5.Why do you make what you make? Why is it important to you? To others?

Fashion is different from other fields. It’s about living in the now. Every day when you get dressed, you’re recreating yourself. That’s an amazing thing.

For me, I would love to see people wearing my design and walking confidently I like knowing that someone’s life is better because of what I do.

      6.How do your research interests inform/intersect with your creative practice?

Most theme I chose for my past project was really personal. I always start with primary research, photos, emotions, interviews, archives. And I narrow down some interesting point for deeper with secondary research use them to interpret my works.

       7.Looking forward, where are you going in your art/design profession? What do you hope to achieve? What specific steps will you take to work toward these goals?

I want to keep learning all the techniques that gonna help me for my design career in the future; start to get more experiences with internship; learning the business part of fashion field; practicing communicate ability (social network); keep healthy and happy. I hope I can have my own studio; a womenswear brand. I there will be people love my designs.  

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