Bridge 3 MOMA Research Information


1. Anywhere Lamp (1951)

Gretta Von Nessen

The Value of Good Design (3)

Aluminum and enameled steel



  1. sleek, red, small, light, animal
  2. I feel drawn to the red. The design is very clean and thought out. It makes me feel like I can teleported, but it is also a design that wasn’t seen everywhere. I am describing a lamp that is position on a wall in front of me. It is about the size of a head. It is red and made of some metal. The top of the lamp is the shape of a classic UFO. Underneath is a bowl shaped piece that holds the light bulb. The body of the lamp is screwed onto the wall and held by a U shaped piece of metal. The metal has no specific form in terms of support, but the U shape adds an element of modern design. The lamp levitates from the wall. I am drawn to minimalistic things. This whole exhibit was mid century modern furniture which was part of my obsessions list. The red is what drew me to it. I have never seen a lamp like this before. After being with it longer, I realize the shape of the U in the back is purely design. The metal could have been formed into any shape, but the designer specifically chose this one.


2. Maison de la Tunisie bench-bookshelf (1952)

Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouve, Sonia Delaunay-Terk, Nicholas Schoffer

The Value of Good Design (3)

Lacquered steel, aluminum, and pine



  1. length, matte, balance, seat, IKEA
  2. I am fascinated by the balance of the piece. It seems unbalanced, but makes me feel comfortable. Makes me curious about its production. In front of you is a bench. It is not a classic bench, but the base of it is. It stands on foot legs and is made of wood. To the right of the bench is a shelf unit. It is stacked on the bench. This shelf unit is made of metal and is pieces of longer and shorter rectangular units. The bottom layer is red, then yellow on top, the white at the very top. The size and composition drew me to this. The metal is not as matte as I thought. The fronts of the metal have a holed texture.



3. Untitled (2010)

David Hammons

The Long Run (4)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas with plastic



  1. plastic, reveal, larger, rip, splash
  2. This makes me feel as though I am looking as a piece made by a younger artist. It is very playful and ties me to memories of my youth. In front of you is a large sculptural-painting. The piece is about 5x 8 feet. The canvas had been painted with many splashed colors. Covering the canvas are pieces of plastic (bags). Most are black, except for the bottom right. There are a few big holes revealing the paint beneath. This ripped concept is similar to what I had in mind for my project. I am planning on using a completely different format, but I thought this was insightful for choosing the relation of mediums and color.There is an almost finished piece below the practice. The artist is revealing the parts he wants to show.


4. October 18, 1977 (1988)

Gerhard Richter

The Long Run (4)

Oil on canvas



  1. blur, rest, wonder, wash, breath
  2. I feel peaceful but stressed. In front of you is a painting that is part of a larger series. It is a square painting. It is in black and white. The subject is a close up of a girl on her back looking up. It almost looks blurred. It is the profile on a young girl. She has black hair and fair skin. She is wearing a black choker. I was drawn to this series because it is similar to a lot of my photo work. The canvas is square. The paintings have a very blurry effect that almost looks like photography. It doesn’t really have to do with my project, but most of my work is black and white. It is nice seeing how other artists use blank black space for their compositions. The more I look the darker the pieces become. They look peaceful, but they are actually based of a murder. They become more uncertain and creepy as you look at them.

5. Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale (1924)

Max Ernst

Collection Galleries (5)

Oil with painted wood elements and cute-pasted- printed paper on wood with wood frame



  1. reach, house, color, sunrise, bird
  2. I feel very happy when I look at this. There is such a big mix of ideas and mediums but it looks so playful and thought out. In front of you is a small sculptural painting within a larger frame. The contents of this mixed media piece are held back by a glass piece at the front of the frame. The painting is a blue sky scene with a grey girl running on the left bottom. To her left is a red fence made from wood. This is come out from the painting onto the frame. To the right is a wooden house sticking out from the painting. On top of the house is a painted grey boy. The wooden pieces are a peachy, red color. I was drawn to the mixed materials and the fat frame. I like the idea of having a barrier to a 3d piece. I am working with barriers in my video project. The more I look at it the darker the painting becomes. The wood is playful and colorful but the message is much creepier. The children are grey in comparison to the bright colors of the painting. They look scared. There is a strange mix of perspectives that adds to the dimensionality of the piece.


6. Harlequin (1915)

Pablo Picasso

Collection Galleries

Oil on Canvas



  1. layer, tip, bright, dull, pattern
  2. I feel a sense of comfort when I look at this. It reminds me of home. In front of you is a painting on a canvas. It is about 5 tall and 3.5 feet wide. The painting has a black background. On top of is is almost a Birdseye view of paper stacked. There are abstracts shapes. One is red, one is white, one is teal, and the other is checkered red and beige. The patterns almost shape the form of a man. The shapes are similar to the heads of axes. I am drawn to anything Picasso. I have loved his work, especially his harlequin related work since I was a kid. The colors are similar to my home. I feel harmonious with his work. It is simple and impulsive, but also seems very planned out. The more I look at it the more see though it become. The paint is not as opaque. You can see the canvas below. There are also specs of sap and built up paint on parts of the piece. It looks extremely clean from a distance, but has a rougher feeling close up. It’s a nice surprise.




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