Bridge Project 1: Networked Self

Sketch Concepts:

Final Product:


Artist Statement:

The main point I wanted to portray with my two self-portraits, was an obvious contrast between the two works and the two sides of me. I represented this contrast through the many colors seen on my digital portrait and the lack of colors seen on my real life portrait. Besides providing contrast, my palette choices are also used to represent key themes within each piece.

For the digital portrait, the colors are meant to be a distraction. The piece itself is entirely created out of the backgrounds of the photos I post on my Instagram feed. The use of bright colors and the lack of a real face reveals the idea that my online images are more about what I am doing, or what is around me, not so much me as a person. It is more about what is on the outside rather than what is on the inside.

For the real life portrait, I kept is minimalistic and black and white focus more on the people, things, and images I brought together. The piece as a whole is purposed created to me overwhelming, emphasizing the depth and complexity of one personality. The same way you can never know a person completely, you will never see every detail of the piece. No matter how long you look, you will always find something new that catches your eye.

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