Assignment #3 – Drawing with 3D Materials

Assignment Details:

In this assignment, students were tasked to create four portraits of themselves or their peers in four different mediums, pencil, wire, string, and cardboard. Students are asked to think of ways to create the portraits without the use of glue of any kind. The purpose of this assignment is to allows students to learn to work with 3D modelling tools.

Attached below are the finished products:



Going into this project, I was confident in my abilities. However, once I began the process of creating each piece I was overwhelmed by the difficulty of each piece. Each piece brought out a new set of challenges. Whether it was the thickness of the cardboard that made it hard to sew or the flimsiness of the wire that prevents it from standing on its own, each new hiccup allowed me to realize just how hard working with 3D materials actually is.


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