ASSIGNMENT #9 – Foam board (Planar) 3D Structure Parts 1,2&3

Part 1 Research:

Using organic material like branches:

Using the branch itself as the skeletal structure. Each sculpture is different

Using String to Suspend plains

This was a design project for an arch


Richard Sweeney

Richard’s practice combines the disciplines of design, photography, craft and sculpture, resulting in a varied output of work including graphic design and public sculpture commissions. Richard seeks to maintain an experimental, hand-on approach, utilising the unique properties of often mundane materials to discover unique sculptural forms.

Solid structures that use sticks or bars to provide structure



Part 2: 3D Paper Models

Part 3



This project was honestly quite a challenge. I became well aware that a sharp knife creates so much of a difference when it comes to cutting clean edges. I would have liked my sculpture to be cleaner, but with the time constraints I had, this was the best I could do. One thing I wish I had thought through was how to mount the hollow pieces onto the board. I had tried a coupled ideas before settling with what I have, but this made the pieces for worn. The presentation is not as professional as I would have hoped for, so it will definitely be a key objection if I am ever doing anything similar.

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