D+TM #22: Alain Bieber

D+TM #22: Alain Bieber

What: Off/Online Curating
When: Monday 9th of February, 12-3pm
Where: Parsons Paris room 500
Who: Alain Bieber

Off/Online Curating
In his workshop, Alan Bieber will speak about off-and-online curating, transmedia projects, and develop, with students, ideas for online curating (and mediation) for an offline museum.

Alain Bieber (*1978) studied rhetorics, sociology, literature and political science in Tübingen, Germany and Paris, France. He is currently based in Strasbourg, France and works as an art critic (publications include artnet, ARTE, ART Magazin, Neural, etc.), blogger, project manager, and curator.

In 2004, he founded REBEL:ART; a platform for art, culture and politics. Past projects include: “Pillowfight Klub;” “OH! video magazine;” “GuteSeiten,” a curated kiosk and magazine club; the “International Stickeraward;” and “PARASITES,” an illegal exhibition series. Bieber has curated exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Russia, and the Netherlands. He was a jury member at the “CYNETArt Festival,” “DokFest Kassel,” “Filmwinter Stuttgart,” “Backup Media Festival,” and has given lectures about street art, subversive strategies, fanzines, and illegal interventions in Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Moscow and Eindhoven.

Recently, in the last three years, Bieber has been a journalist for the German publication ART magazine in Hamburg. Since 2010, he has also been the Editor-in-Chief of ARTE Creative in Strasbourg. Beginning April 2015, Bieber will become the Artistic Director for the museum NRW Forum in Düsseldorf.

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