Gego – Roots

I was thinking of the pieces I want to make, but also why I want to make, and something that always comes up is to look back at where I come from and bring back to my root a reflection of its beauty. With the word “Roots” in mind, I searched for artists that are from Venezuela or make art for Venezuela. In my research, I found Gego. She was born in Germany in 1912, but in 1939 emigrates to Venezuela where she got the nationality and stayed for the rest of her life. Gego’s pieces are a result of her artistic connection with space. Her work is deeply rooted in experimentation, which is also observable by the varied uses of mediums such as watercolor, drawings, engravings, fabric, but she is mostly known for her big scale sculptures and architecture. Separate from the medium, the base of inspiration for most of the pieces is “the line.” I am fascinated by her three-dimensional pieces in which she uses lines that cross-link each other. She creates an environment of connection with her sculptures.








Bichito 89/22. 1989.













Dibujo sin papel 76/1 . 1976.













Reticulárea. 1974.

I am an international student from Venezuela that desires to communicate with the world around me visually. I hope that I can become a part of the global conversation where I can tell stories that are untold. With a background in business and languages, I have experienced how different fields will always connect at some points, and I aspire to reinforce that connection in my work. I believe that there is not one pure aesthetic, and therefore I have chosen to collaborate and learn from those around me to every day grow as an artist.

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