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NYPL recreations

One of my favorite and most challenging assignments in Drawing and Imaging was drawing the architecture of the New York Public Library.

I personally have never spent this long on a drawing in my life. Just making a piece this big with a pencil and a ruler felt so foreign to me. The goal of the assignment was to deepen our understanding of two-point perspective and how to implement it into drawings of the real world. 

I struggled a lot throughout this project. At first, I didn’t take the time I needed to choose a good angle for this drawing and struggled with getting the lines in the right perspective.

Once I got the right angle, I spent about another 2 hours after class working on this drawing.

Even after all that time, the drawing still had so far to go.

As I put in more time on this piece, it became clear to me that these structural drawings aren’t made from just people with natural talent. What is more important is the raw time put into the piece and sitting in the space to really become familiar with the lines.










After finishing this piece, I felt proud that my hands could be patient enough to make that many lines on a single page.

For the second piece of the assignment, we worked on recreating an image digitally in Photoshop and Illustrator. I have some background in photo manipulation in Photoshop, but this project was an entirely different type of work.

The first technique was to recreate a photo of the NYPL in an adapted greyscale color palette. By limiting us to only a small selection of black and white tones, we had to be smart about which shapes should be in high contrast in relation to the original photograph.

At the end of the black and white NYPL re-creation, I had well over 200 individual layers in Photoshop. I have never made so many individual shapes in a digital project and I know I got faster at the polygonal tool by the end of this process.


The final part of the project was to recolor the digital re-creation with color palettes that Professor Singer provided us. I used a blue and red palette. This was a difficult but pleasing part of the process because some colors were hard to pick to get the right tints and shades for the highlights and shadows. However, it was aesthetically pleasing to see my black and white recreation turn into a full color rendering.

It felt rewarding to scroll through the hundreds of hand made layers that comprised a high detail recreation that I was proud to put my name on.

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