Workshop: Palais de Tokyo

Experimentation with Ice


19:00 I put my ice into a plastic cup and mixed it with blue acrylic paint. Then I put in into my freezer.


08:00 I took out the bottle from the freezer. I put into a bag to not touch it directly because it was really cold.

08:40 I took metro from Reuilly-Diderot (Line 1) to Tuileries.

09:21 The ice started to melt.

09:30 It cracked into two.

10:00 I put it into fridge at school.

11:00-13.30 I put it outside of window to keep it cold. Then I took the bus to go Palais de Tokyo.

14:20 I took it out of the bootle and put in on the table for the workshop. It started to melt faster. Half of the bottle was filled with water.

15:30 We started to make sculptures with our ice.

17:00 It melted completely.

These are photos of my ice’s journey from 12th district (Home/Reuilly-Diderot)  to 1st district (Parsons) and then 16th district (Palais de Tokyo). In the workshop, we made sculptures with ice without thinking a meaning behind it. We were allowed to use other materials. My ice was blue so I colored the other ones in red, purple and yellow. Then found a stick and tie them to the stick with white ropes. Then I waited for them to melt and at the end all of the colors mixed on the table.























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