Remake of an Artwork from Art History

Original Art Work:

Johannes Vermeer

The Milkmaid



For this project, I chose The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer. He made this painting in 1658. The material is oil on canvas. When I first looked at this painting, the tone of blue and drapery got my attention. Then I looked at the whole outfit and realized how old fashioned it is. That is why I wanted to create a more modern look with this painting. For my remake, I want to make something more modern and show the audience how everything changed over time in our daily lives. I also wanted to integrate the painting to my daily life. Firstly, I removed the maid figure because we don’t have maids anymore at home who do our stuff for us. Instead of the maid, I photographed my friend at her home wearing her bath robe, pajamas, sweatshirt and a hair band because that is what most of the women wear at home nowadays. She looks relaxed, lazy and comfortable. Secondly, I changed the food on the table. Milk and breads remind me of organic and healthy life. However today the food we have at our homes are completely opposite: inorganic and not healthy. Instead of cooking we prefer to eat fast food (pizza boxes), we consume drinks like Redbull and wine more than milk. For breakfast we eat cereals and drink coffee. Also smoking is a bad habit most of people have. The cigarettes represent the unhealthy live we have. I prefer to keep the background basic and tried to make the lighting right.

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