Project #2

Project 2

Sketchbook Process & Drapes



We started the project by making drapes with the clothes we bought from the vintage shop. We used a striped blue shirt, a polka dots skirt, a red and black skirt, a orange t-shirt, a denim dress and a black shirt for draperies. We made a lot of layering, asymmetrical shapes and used mixed patterns. My idea was to make a sportive, modern but also feminine collection. I sketched all of my ideas and then I chose the best ones. I also put the fabrics and photos from our mood board to my sketchbook.



Araz and I had different ideas for our collections so we made our moodboards individually. Left side belongs to Araz and right side is mine. We put the common elements in the middle. We made the color palette together. Yellow and beige are the transition colors. I used the colors on the right side of the color palette. I got inspired from repeated patterns, polka dots, asymmetrical shapes and bright colors. 


Final Collection:

Women Everyday Wear Collection

Spring/ Summer

Fabrics: Silk, Cotton, Denim

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