Sketches & First Ideas

We started this project with four different ideas: Umbrella, boat, donut and solar system. For the booklet we eliminated the donut idea. At the end as a group we chose to make an umbrella planter with mycelium. We found an umbrella which can work as a planter and made a research about the materials we can use to cover the fabric of the umbrella. After sketches and research, we prepared our mycelium. We put water and flour inside of the mycelium bag and shake the bag so it gets mixed with the mycelium. 

Process & Experimentations

First Week



First week of the experimentation, we covered the umbrella with plastic bags. We put the mycelium inside the umbrella and gave the shape. We covered the umbrella with a trash bag so it can dry for next week. Then create small holes on the trash bag so the mycelium can breathe. We left our work in the bathroom for next week.

Week 2




Second week of experimentation, we cut the trash bag around the umbrella. It was contaminated and still wet because it couldn’t get enough sun light and air in the dark bathroom. We tried to make it dry with tissues. After that we started cut the plastic bags under the mycelium and fabric of the umbrella. With the help of Ivan, we removed the metal parts of the umbrella. We left it at school this time in a room with more sunlight so it can be totally dry for next week.

Week 3: Final




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