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Plastic Performance

Araz & Sanjana & Adrian & Arya


The thing about this commercial that inspired us was the fact that the individuals were consuming things that are logically known to be harmful to them yet they are still consuming them. It plays on the role of what we’re actually consuming more of, that isn’t the pill.

Within minute 7:05 – 12:57 in Jan Svankmajer’s 1992 stop motion film named Food there is the consumption of objects that shouldn’t be consumed. Although it depicts them eating outrageous things it follows our idea of inedible substances.


Objective & Meaning

The object of our performance is to convey the over-consumption of plastic. We intend on doing so through a short performance and a video recording of 3 people in our group eating a meal made of plastic. To avoid blending into the people around we will wear all black and also so as to make it evident that it is a performance.

The performance symbolizes how we as consumers are creating unquantifiable plastic waste which is growing with each passing day. This is due to our growing need to packaging almost anything and everything under the sun so that companies can increase the chances of products being consumed at a higher and faster rate to increase their profit margins. Which is why it can be said that in a way we are basically eating plastic. We want to help people understand that while they are consuming food and other consumables they are also consuming a large amount of plastic which in today’s culture is disregarded, forgotten and normalised.

First Video / Prototype

Final Video


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