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“Hey MTV, welcome to my crib!”
It’s Finley here! You see my huggable, perfectly rotund, fluffy friend? That’s Hibernation Harry! My big brother and I found him when we went skiing when I was reeaaaaally little. It’s just the two of us now, since Josh left. That’s him and I in that picture on the shelf. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him- he said he was gonna come back, but it’s been a while. Josh keeps his promises though. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.

Oh, be careful of the Duopoly game we have out. Sorry- I should’ve put that away earlier, but I didn’t know we were having guests over! You should totally say hi to Harry though! He’s suuuuuuper friendly and he LOVES hugs. He’s also a huge fan of hot chocolate. Who isn’t? It’s a perfect remedy to the freeze-your-ass off weather we have out here. That’s why it’s extra cozy in here- we’ve really gotta make it work and wait out the cold until spring comes around.

So yeah! I guess you could say Harry and I are just hibernatin’ out here, waiting for Josh to come back, hopefully. He’s missed the past eight summer solstices, which really sucks, ’cause that’s my favorite time of the year. I love the days where the sun stays in the sky as long as I’m awake- Harry loves it too! He loves lying in the glistening sun in a bed of grass, feeling the particles of light penetrate his furry coat, absorbing the honeysuckle-sweet summer air.

So until spring comes and the days grow longer, we’re gonna be here! You can come and join us when you’d like- right, Harry?


As compared with my initial proposal for this project, a lot has evolved. While I still used the same yeti character, I created a companion for him, in addition to fleshing out his background story. My idea to create a cozy wood cabin scenario was derived from the name “Hibernation Harry”. More specifically, the term ‘hibernation’ evoked images of a warmly lit room, with texturally pleasing furniture and comfortingly dim lights. I decided that Harry needed a friend to create another interesting dynamic to his existence. Finley, the young boy, is so close to Harry that he mimics Harry in the way that he dresses, evident with the onesie with similar ears and stubby tail. If I could have done anything differently, I definitely would have made the room smaller. (I’m not quite sure why I decided it would be a good idea to have it quite so large- I think that my initial rationale was that 20×30 was a good, rounded number for the base of the diorama, and in my mind I thought that Harry was larger than he actually was). The room size certainly detracts from the piece and has proven to be VERY unwieldy, but it did challenge me to brainstorm ideas for furniture, as well as how to utilize space to create some semblance of (decent?) composition.


As I was pretty set on creating Hibernation Harry from the very outset (irrespective of the context/environment), my first approach to this project was to create the characters. I did this not only to motivate myself to work, but I wanted to create an environment that suited the personality of these characters as they came to life.
After creating Harry and Finley, I struggled to create the basis for the environment- the wood cabin room. Initially, I was going to buy large sheets of wood and cut them down, but I managed to find packages of wooden shims at Home Depot for a fairly cheap price, and proceeded to hot glue everything together. After that, I put in a carpet, made a bed, a chair, paper lamps, and a knit rug. To add another element of context, I screenprinted a tapestry with a drawing I made of Harry and Finley, describing the nature of their friendship and story.

After the first critique, I create hot chocolate mugs to take up some space in the forefront of the composition, as well as a board game to show interaction between the two characters.
This project really challenged me in terms of using a variety of materials and mediums. I got to knit Harry’s scarf and the accent rug, incorporated printmaking, and re-learned how to use a sewing machine. Overall, the process was immense fun, and I enjoyed setting out specific tasks for myself to achieve for the completion of this final.
Needless to say, the process for this final was costly in terms of time, resources, and expenses. As I came up with more ideas, I came up with longer lists of things I needed to buy. ALSO: THE PHOTOS HERE ARE THE SECOND ROUND OF PHOTOS. MY SD CARD PHYSICALLY BROKE IN HALF BEFORE I COULD DOWNLOAD THE PHOTOS THE FIRST TIME, SO I HAD TO RESHOOT EVERYTHING. 🙁
Process and sketches:

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