Int. Seminar Last Post

My system is about SAT. So for my walk, I want to focus on how is it feel like to take an exam like the SAT. During my critique, some people said that I did a good job by presenting the questions and make people feel the anxiety that people have when taking the exam. And some people say that there are two typos in my map and it is kind of distracting.

Here are some excerpts from my research paper that relate to my walk:

“SAT is a standardized test for high school students to take as a justification of their academic ability. The SAT was established in 1926 and has been practiced till now. The total score of the SAT is 1600 and the lowest a student can get is 400. The average total SAT score is 1060, the average score for math is 530 out of 600, and the average score for writing is 520 out of 600. The purpose of the test is to examine the students potential and predict their future performance in college. And since students come from different economic, social, and cultural backgrounds, the SAT is designated to put diverse of students on the same platform to have an equal competition.”

My research helps me give me the basic information about the SAT so that I can know how to form my map to make it feels like an SAT exam.

From making the map, I learned how to make research not as boring and make it interesting.



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