The True cost

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Factories in third world countries are forced to lower work conditions and cut corners to keep doing business for the low price point big companies are demanding. A recent example of this is when building collapsed killing 931 people. The factory owners were told to evacuate the building, but failed to do so. I have already bought my fabric for this project. however if I could go back and choose again, I would want to look into where the fabric was made and buy fabric from a company that upholds safe working conditions. 

With working Union or protection from co workers and managers when forming a Union, it is hard to make any progress to better working conditions or wages. A woman who was interviewed said that after forming a union and giving the managers the demands list the doors were locked and they were beaten by coworkers and managers alike. I would like going forward to look into the rights of the people making the product I will be using to make my designs. I want to make sure that the people producing the product I use can live on the wages they make and that they have the right to form Union if they see fit.

The factories are hot and have chemicals inside. The woman says that she doesn’t like to taker her daughter there for the reason that there are harmful chemicals for children. I don’t think theres a difference when it comes to chemicals, harmful is harmful no matter what the age. I would like to use product that is natural and doesn’t require harmful chemicals to be made. 

Monsanto has created a seed monopoly, meaning that the seed that they have genetically motivated is the standard seed for farmers to use so they must get their supply from them. This gives them little option about the harmful events the product may have on the land or the people who live in the community. This also allows them to charge a significant amount of money that is impossible for small farmers to pay. I would like to get my fabric from organic small businesses so that I know there are no harmful chemicals used to create it, ensuring the safety of the community it comes from and the safety of the future product consumer.

Pesticide use 

  • Birth defect
  • Cancer
  • Mental illness 

The chemicals that are being used are effecting the people who live in the communities that grow plants and having effects on their overall living conditions and life span. I would like to look into options that do not use pesticides to grow their cotton.

Companies will take over farmers lands when they can’t keep up with payments of overpriced GMO product. In the last 16 years more than 250000 farmers have committed suicide (that have been recorded) Stats: one farmer every 30 minutes leading this to be the largest wave of suicide in history. My first job was working in the fields for Monsanto, however after seeing this film I never want to buy something that comes from their product again. Sadly this is nearly impossible as they have created a monopoly. I would like to find farmers that are organic and separate from big corporation to give my business to when looking for fabrics.

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