week 7: the x of xx

The other me in illusion/ the shadow of xx

We are very close and has very similar hobbies with each other. She is eager and friendly, and we are in same age. I known her since the first year of high school, we don’t expect that we will become best friend at the first time we met. We go to school and study together. We go shopping and see a movie together. We like same style of clothes, food, and movies. She has the personality that I admire and I don’t have. She treats every person amiably, and she can solve problems calmly. She already learned ballet about six years and she pay a lot of attention of her deportment, she is polite and careful but she has make some mistakes with me. And I remember clearly there is a very hot summer, we travel together to Sichuan and we sit in a swing. That is a small park, there have some seniors we’re doing exercises and the hot wind blow on our face, she told me loudly. “I want to go to Iceland. I want to live there alone for a while.”, it shock me and admire her. She is brave and she always want to give herself a challenge and some changes, she makes attempts to accept new things. The swing continually waving, and that sentence stick in my mind. After we graduate, she realize her dream and be a transfer student in Iceland, sometimes she will send me a postcard to let me know she is great. Most of my high school friends we dont talk very much but I am glad that I still have conversations and contact with her. We promise that we will fight for our dream and after that we will travel all the places we want to go.

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