Studio 1- Bridge 4 Research-led Design

My topic of the project is fast fashion, I choose this topic is because I am major in fashion design and also fast fashion became a global topic in recent past decades. Fast fashion satisfy people’s needs to be trendy, but they have a huge carbon footprint, pollute the environment, and contributes to the world’s dumpling, landfills, and waste.

According to Omnilytics, it said, “In Q4 2017, H&M experienced its lowest level of sales on record since 2005 and in Q1 2018 H&M operating sales fell 62% versus the year before.”, and “H&M accused of burning 12 tonnes of new, unsold clothing per year.” as the act of choosing to destroy is irresponsible.

My product of the topic is a tote bag which used different fabric from my old clothes. The reason I choose to make this product is I used tote bag a log, and I found out the old one is broken, if I can produce one then I don’t have to spend money. I used to buy some fast fashion clothes but I don’t like the style anymore, so I got a few useless clothes at my apartment. In the beginning, I planned to separate all my clothes into three parts, one is new but I don’t like the style anymore, the other is still kind of new so I can donate those, and the third one is old and I can cut the fabric to make some new stuff. Unfortunately, it was not enough so I went to the studio at UC and collect the fabric left from the students and also used the leftover from my other project.

I got this idea from the elder people in China, they like to mend kid’s clothes. It saves money and also shows their love. The idea of this artifact is to find something and make it valuable, and not just continue to buy more stuff or throw them away, I want to encourage people to be creative on making a new object and be a rational shopper.

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