Studio 2: Bridge 4

About Myself:

  • Carina Chen
  • BFA and Major in Fashion Design
  • Enjoy working on the specific moment and detail
  • Makes some reaction about society in my work

Overview of my research:

  • “Truth of true”, the truth we known might not actually true
  • For my seminar research, I focus on and disclose the truth about workers behind fast fashion factory.
  • In the beginning, I research about the truth behind the fact and then I research deeply about 2013 Bangladesh Factory Collapse. I found out workers receive unequal salary and mistreatments towards factory workers, especially women.

2013 Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Studio Project:

  • Public art piece —“A Red Bubble Mountain”, all the red bubbles include the truth of factory and voices for victims.
  • In my artwork, I want to expose the truth behind fast fashion factory. I also want to tell people every truth has more than one truth and the truth we know might not be true. So I site this piece inside the UC building, to encourage students to pay more attention to female and workers.
  • In my research, I found out gender-related abuse is a daily chore for women in developing countries, it highlights one of the most notorious shortcomings in fast fashion. Most of the factory workers are female and they got inequal treatment, so I choose red to represent feminity.

First &Second Sketch:

Material & Process:

Final Piece:

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