Sustainable: Practices for the Anthropocene

  1. Reading- Short Answer
  • The most thing surprised me is to reduce beef and pork in our diet will help the climate change especially beef damage the environment the most.
  • I learned not all people agree with climate change. There was a group of people does not agree with climate change, they think the scientists fool the public and gain the power to control people’s life by the government.
  • This reading encourages me although I already know some of the facts, it encourages me to help the environment by using some huge number such as “equal to the heat that would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs”. I know the environment is damaged but I don‘t know how bad is that.
  • I talked about climate change with my friend and she is major in business. She told me she does not agree with this because it actually helps the economy in some way. As the sea level rises the coastal area will sink, my family live in Shanghai which around sea if I tell them this fact they will practice reducing the carbon emissions.

2. Anthropocene

  • Although people can not define when does the Anthropocene exist but as human exists and people start to exploit natural resources. Earth only give human limited resources, when we excessive damage the ecosystems it will decline very soon, and it will not able to provide to all the human.

3. Skill and Practice

  • The skills and practices that meet the realities of the Great Acceleration and Anthropocene can be cooking at home instead of food delivery; do not waste food it influences the environment; reduce driving and use public transport more; think more before you buy a cloth and check the tag of texture
  • As an artist, I would like to reduce wasted resources and make pollution by using sustainable or environmental fabric or material such as natural dyeing, and I also want to encourage people on my website.

4. 1000 Eggs- Sarah Lucas


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