Space/Materiality – Jaemin Lee

Jaemin Lee is a prominent South Korean graphic designer. He attended and graduated from Seoul National University, which is the number one university in South Korea. His major was communication design. He now is an eminent graphic designer who holds and participates in various exhibitions all over the world, while also a professor at the University of Seoul. My pink poster is a poster I designed myself as if it were a real poster created as a collaboration of myself and Jaemin Lee. I can call him my role model because of his ability to balance multiple identities of himself well. Just as how he excels in all three identities of himself – graphic designer, professor, and owner of two cats – I would like to also shine in three identities of myself in the future. My three identities include, a successful graphic designer, a loving owner of multiple dogs, and a dream job that I have not yet told anyone. The bottom part of the pink poster include basic information and accomplishments of Jaemin Lee and I. I intentionally aligned my information and accomplishments side-to-side with that of Jaemin Lee’s. My intent was to provide myself a motivation to eventually have my information changed to more of a professional information rather than personal information of myself like and have my accomplishments changed from portfolio works to exhibitions just like that of Jaemin Lee’s. I wish I could not only call myself as a prominent designer known world-wide, but also a role model to other design students and designers in the future. The blue poster contains Jaemin Lee’s works that I got inspiration from in order to design my pink poster.

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