Visual Essay Response

My visual was made up of mostly images of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, which served to illustrate my point about Scarlett being a strong female character. Visual sources work especially well for me, since my topic is based on a film. Stills of Scarlett from the film can display aspects of her character and help prove the points I am trying to make about her being a different sort of Southern woman. I will definitely be using the film as a primary source, since I am focusing on its effect on society by its portrayal of Scarlett as an atypical Southern woman. For future research, I can look at images from the premiere of the movie, and other pictures that show the kind of crowd that was attracted to the film, along with before and after images of Southern women. These pictures can be used to show how the role of women was changing in that time period, which I can relate to the film.

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