Compare and Contrast of three Artworks by three Artists

Three Artworks


Tschabalala Self, “Loosie in the Park”, 2019




 Juliana Huxtable, “Transsexual Empire”, 2017




Troy Mechie, “Chair”, 2015

Compare & Connections


These three works are all graphic works, all of which are created in the form of collage and drawing. In Self’s work, paper painted canvas, acrylic, fabric are cut and recombined to an interesting artwork. In Huxtable’s works, painting and inkjet printing are mainly used to create a playful pop art atmosphere together with collage. Mechie also used inkjet printing and collage in his works. It should be said that the work of the Self is the most three-dimensional because she used to more different materials to create a collage, but Mechie works have the most real texture (because he applied the most realistic photos). And the work of Huxtable has the most two-dimensional feeling, thus created a poster and Pop effect, though, these three works all have collages, but each has distinguishing feature, creating the effect of the formed a rich visual effect.


All three of these works are about gender orientation, LGBTQ, and about race. In all three of these works, the naked bodies are shown, especially dark-skinned bodies. ( Juliana Huxtable is also black). Because the naked sex organs are clearly visible, the viewer can clearly perceive the gender of the body( at least physically). The three genders I chose are female, transgender, and male, which are the three main gender nowadays. In all three works, color is used in a very rich way, creating an atmosphere that is both lively and serious. In the three works, the outline lines and scenes of the characters are very clear, and the abstract elements are not used very much. In these three works, all three artists are expressing and discussing in their own ways about gender, sexual orientation and the power and importance of race (black). Their three works are complementary in their discussion of the power of black women, black transgenders and black men, and they have a complementary effect on each other, and they have a wide range of discussions.


Interestingly, all three artists participated in The Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon art exhibition held by The Nes Museum. All three of their works are exhibited in The New Museum. Unfortunately, as there are too many works on display in The New Museum, so these three works are not given much space for silence and meditation. However, they can also allow the audience to constantly observe new artworks in a narrow environment, which is a novel and interesting experience.

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