Armando Matos

Armando Matos, Georgy Ortiz, Oil on paper, 12 x 16

Armando Matos

Georgy Ortiz

This portrait of the artist’s uncle aims to capture a state of peace and authenticity. Because the subject holds three different jobs in customer service that demand he “play a character”, the portrait depicts a moment where the subject is “at peace” as himself.

        This piece is a portrait of my uncle after a day of work, He holds three different jobs as a parking lot employee at two different stadiums, A bellhop in an apartment building. He works every day bouncing from job to job, so he could send all his money to his family in the Dominican Republic. He constantly trying to play a character, due to his job being customer service jobs, and this portrait is in a moment of the day where he is truly acting like himself, at peace.


        In my work, I have always tried to capture the working class that has surrounded me throughout my life, especially migrant and immigrant workers. This piece is just another work that has tackled me trying to figure out the male perspective of immigrating to a new country to work. The Psychological, physical, emotional strain that has on people, but especially men. Latin American toxic masculinity does not allow men to express these emotions, so I am trying to let the image speak for themselves.


Georgy Ortiz’s Studio Visit