Project 1: Ideas/Concept

Assignment: Create a piece that uses a dataset to explore/debunk/undo/add to a civic or global system (browse data streams and plug into them)

In my initial ideas and concept development, I knew that I wanted to compare two systems or compare two stages of the same system to understand the inequalities, systematic oppresion and poverty. I thought about “How a current system impacts another (flawed) system and creates a positive feedback loop?”. Then I focused on gentrification and wanted to see how the new buildings changed/impacted the cost of rent, employment rate, education rate, and culture.

Some Initial Research: Inspiration on How It Might Look in the Prototyping Stage:

This see through bookmark gave me some inspiration on how I can use the images from the past (of a location that is been gentrified) and from the current time to compare the two different appearance of the place. I believe that gentrification changes the culture, the life style etc. so I think it is necessary to reflect on how it might changed. 

How I imagine it is two see through papers on top of eachother, allowing the audience to see how it developed on top of eachother but also to realize that how the new properties are kind of erasing and hiding the old culture/buildings.

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