Reading Response for Outing A.I.: Beyond the Turing Test

The article discussed the argument on the topic of the threat and humanity of Artificial Intelligence, which is closely related to my major– Design and Technology. Professor Hawking said that the development of artificial intelligence may help humans eliminate disease, eliminate poverty and prevent climate change, but may also produce people do not want to see the consequences, including the emergence of independent weapons, causing economic disasters, and the development of conflict with humans Have the machine of their own will.

The author mentioned today’s situation and the relationship between human and artificial intelligence. The real philosophical lessons of A.I. will have less to do with humans teaching machines how to think than with machines teaching humans a fuller and truer range of what thinking can be. The tension is mounting because human feel the threat of their position. Human consider themselves as the most intelligence creature on earth and artificial intelligence is threading them. Some people worry that unmanned cars and trucks may replace millions of full-time drivers and may subvert the entire industry. The speed of my calculations or solutions will not get faster. My typing speed will not be faster, driving level will not get better, open the aircraft will not be more secure. I may also be under the chess with my friends, but because I am human, I am no longer possible to become the most powerful international chess players on earth.

So far, the machine is still difficult to imitate these qualities: with faith to let go, the machine can not predict the randomness, but not a simple random. They feel the hard place is our chance. I am not suggesting that we want to give up rational, logical and critical thinking. In fact, it is precisely because we attach importance to the value of reason and enlightenment, so we need to support the opposite of things.

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