Reading Response to Practices of Looking

I found the “Photograph of Emmett Till’s brutalized body in his casket” very difficult to absorb at first glance. I am that kind of people that almost never watch contents that related to violence, death,  or anything scary.(not at cool person) Surprisingly, after reading through the story and the purpose behind the photograph, I found myself taking really close look at the details of the photograph. I even started to study the body parts and went on do more research on “the first murder”.

I do believe how the power of the image affect viewers varies due to background and experience differences from viewer to viewer. As it is mentioned later in “Practices of Looking”, photograph is associated with realism yet it can be designed.

In this case it reminds me of the popular behavior people have on social media that they will retouch their appearance of the picture and intentionally capture themselves in specific occasions just to make people think they are living in a certain way.

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