Visual Culture Studio Final

For my final project in studio is a card game I designed about electric cars. I decided to make a game to make a fun way to take in and digest the information and encourages players to remember the information on the cards. The card game is based on a game Japanese people played on new years with poems, but instead of poems I used facts about electric cars and how they aren’t as environmentally as it is advertised to be.

I started out with a very basic idea, essentially copying a Japanese card game where players grabbed cards that had poems on it that a speaker would read. The original idea was to have a speaker read off the info on the cards and be written with ink but I changed it because of some suggestions from my peers.

with the feed back of my peers i eventually changed the game to focus on learning by changing the wording and setting tie breaker rules that required the players to know the info on the card


the final version were wooden cards with paper glued to it with the design printed on the back and the info on the front.

Han Daniel Final Essay sem-2d3eugc

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