Sinead Burke, Why design should include everyone


With a focus on accessibility in design, Sinead Burke relates her experience with design as a overall negative one. Already facing a social stigma for a condition that she has been overcoming her whole life, she is an activist when it comes to designing a more considerate world for those who have difficultly living in a world not built for them. Though I don’t really remember her offering any solutions, she seems to be a passionate activist, and wants to start a conversation between designers and the rest of the 90%.




John Cary


I enjoyed this talk, as he pushes for more inclusive design like the last talk. Mentioning that not enough women or people of color are in architecture for it to be a diverse or considerate field. While being a white male himself, he recognized that there are other people that have needs and wants that should be fulfilled in the design of architecture. “Everyone deserves good design,”  was kind of his motto and something I believe to be an important aspect in design.

I need to think about how my building should be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford it.



From spider webs to elevators: leveraging biomimicry

Rene Polin & Daphne Fecheyr | TEDxCLE


This video was about biomimicry which is a part of design that I find fascinating. (Though I think the man was kind of rude to Daphne) The idea of using nature to inspire good, green, and cost efficient design is a new one that I think will really impact the field of design. In the video, they needed to create a better lifting system for packages that was low tech and low cost. They used the webs of spiders and a tension system to create a system that used stored energy in elastic bands.

Thinking about systems that are already in place and how we can use them to our benefit and the benefit of others is something I can take with as I work on this project.


Jeanne Gang, Buildings that blend nature and city


This video

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