UPDATED WK2 collage


This references my story/statement. The plants help me feel driven and engaged, and the eyes and mouths etc represent how agoraphobic I’ve become, the hands are reaching for connection but failing. The backdrop is my room where I’ve spent the past year shut in, so the energy is quite intense.





past statement:

Over this past year in lockdown, I’ve felt myself becoming increasingly agoraphobic and isolated. I’m at a very high risk for COVID so this lonely mindset has kicked into overdrive. I just sit in my room all day and have been spending my time decorating. I love gardening and tending to plants and my room is full of them. It helps me feel engaged and safe, and it’s so rewarding seeing them blossom and grow. I have an ivy that is 4 ft long! Basically, my story is that I feel the need to isolate for health reasons and I feel cut off from the world and life in general, so by tending to these plants (and my cat) I feel safe, and still have access to light and growth even though I can’t really leave the house.



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