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Lydia Lane (she/her), The Arts ’24 This is a recent image of me; following my internship, I am studying abroad in Paris, and hope to join the Schneemann Foundation team when I return over the summer in a paid role, now that I have shown my dedication to the team.
Unpaid Internship Grant

Company: The Carolee Schneemann Foundation

Type of work: As the Social Media intern, I ran the instagram and researched Carolee Schneemann’s bibliography, constantly updating the online website with the events and news that was posted to the account.

Where did you find the internship: Through a classmate and professor, who turned out to be my boss and coworker!

Would you recommend your internship to another student?I would 100% recommend this unpaid internship support grant to other Lang students. I already tipped off another friend who got her application to the Spring group in just in time and was lucky enough to receive the grant to support her work.

Internship Description Description
I was responsible for maintaining our social media
accounts, writing posts, and interacting with followers, and for updating the website.

I also edited and researched Schneemann’s exhibition history and bibliography. I researched events and worked closely with the director of the Foundation to write the captions for posts, and editing and organizing the images chosen. I also posted twice or three times as much on the Schneemann Foundation story, engaging with the followers and promoting grants and achievements.

Who was supporting you in your work? How did you work with them?
Professor Rachel Churner. We met weekly on Thursdays via Zoom
or in person, depending on availability, and emailed almost daily to discuss the projects I was working on.

How has this project has been impactful or transformative — for you personally or for those this work has impacted:
I had the privilege to work in collaboration with a writer/researcher at the foundation to write a blog post on Carolee Schneemann for RAW (Rediscovering Art by Women). This was my first time I had any longer form writing posted, and my partner Ruby Powers took my initial drafts and assembled them with some of her own writing to create a lovely piece of work that is accessible through the RAW Blog website, and was published to the internet on November 11.

What would you do differently? How would you advise a student who is going to do something similar?
The only thing I would do differently is find out about the grant earlier so I could have been more timely in applying and supplying my materials. I would advise a student who is going to do something similar to inform their supervisor about the grant because it really is a win/win for student and employer!

This is a screenshot of a section of the Instagram grid which I developed for the Schneemann Foundation's page, following in the footsteps of Ruby Powers who previously ran the page. Images at the bottom promote screenings at Spectacle NYC, and at the top the Barbican exhibition. The additional image is a story post, promoting the RAW blog that Ruby Powers and I collaborated on.d

Short summary
I found my internship through a conversation with my classmate, Ruby Powers, who set up a conversation between me and Rachel Churner where she offered me the internship and informed me about the grant. During the internship I ran the instagram, including crafting grid and story posts, updating the link-in-bio, and updated the website’s news and bibliography pages.

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