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I chose these 3 photographs because I think each one accurately represents different aspects of my life. My art piece titled “Below Average”, is a hint to my physical appearance. I am only 4’11”, and the piece is a snarky response to all of the short jokes and allows me to turn my insecurity into a positive asset. The second photograph is of my brother Jack. We were both adopted from different countries, but I could not see my life without him. As I grew older, preparing for college, I’ve become closer with him, realizing I would not be able to see him as much. Although Jack is younger than me, he has heavily influenced the person I’ve become today. I would want anyone who wants to know me, to meet my brother because he is so important to me. The last photo is of me sketching a statue in Italy. I went with my school on a trip to Italy for Latin. I saw so many incredible things on the trip but my favorite part was going to the Galleria Borghese. The statue of The Rape of Proserpina was absolutely amazing. I am still shocked I was able to see it in person. The photo represents my passion and love for art, along with travel. I would love to travel the world if I ever get the chance. Most of my long term goals stem from my love for art and traveling.


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