Abstract Shapes – Drawing and Imaging

Collaborative Ink Blot Project

We worked as a group of 3 to make the piece. Collectively, gathered paint brushes, black ink, cups of water, and a 36 x 54 inch white paper. Taking turns we each put ink on one side of the paper, folding it over down the middle afterwards, pressing the ink onto the other side. We varied the opacity of the ink by adding water for lighter shades. Once done we let it dry. We hung the paper on the wall and separately photographed the piece.  I took a photo of the entire ink blot. Then found several instances of asymmetry within the piece.


The following photos are examples of asymmetry I found in the ink blot.

Asymmetrical Detail 1

This instance of asymmetry shows organic shapes along with circular patterns.

Asymmetrical Detail 2

This photograph shows linear patterns in the piece.

Asymmetrical Detail 3

The white circular negative space and organic shape are contrasting with the darker organic asymmetric areas.


Asymmetrical Detail 4

Ink spots are overlapping, creating unique darker spots.

Asymmetrical Detail 5

The curved brush stroke creates asymmetry through the ovular shape, that is overlapping an organic


Asymmetrical Detail 6

The sharp dark line cuts through the lighter negative space, while ink splatters form organic shapes in the composition.


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