Bridge 3: Telling Tales

For Bridge 3 I chose to tell the story of me moving into college. I made two books, one from my perspective, the other in my parents’ perspective. Moving to college was a personal journey for me, so to represent that, I made books in the form of maps. As they unfold, they reveal more about the event. They are folded so there are four panels per side.

MAP 1:

For the map in my perspective I chose to have my new college address on the front of the map and as the only text on the first panel. After unfolding the map to panels 2 and 3, there are two paragraphs of text spread across the top and bottom. The first paragraph embodies how I felt right when I moved into my dorm. The bottom paragraph expresses how I felt as I began to adjust to the city. The statement “I live here now” is printed across the last panel in large text. When flipped over, the back of the map has a huge image of my college dorm. The photo shows how I’ve personalized my space. The items and placement of things around the room are evidence that someone has lived there.


MAP 2:

Map 2 represents the absence of a being who used to live in a space. This is how I imagine my parents feel when I am away from home, more specifically after I moved to college. The map’s front when folded can only be read as “She used”. After it is unfolded, “She used to be here.” can be read in large text across the whole panel. Text is printed on the middle panels, describing my childhood bedroom in great detail. I used third person point of view to describe my room because that is how my parents would describe it when seeing it. The last panel on the front has “Now she’s not here.” printed in large text. The two statements on the end panels are large to emphasize the emptiness my parents felt when I moved and how big of an impact my absence is in their daily lives. The back of this map has an enlarged photo of my bedroom. It is in black and white to depersonalize the room because I do not live there everyday anymore. The lack of color represents the absence of life the room has now.


Left: Front of map 1 Right: Front of map 2

Left: Middle of the map 1
Right: Middle of the map 2

Third panel of map 1

Third panel of map 2

Back side unfolded of map 1

Back side unfolded of map 2

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