Week 2: Free Form Word List and Paragraph

List of words and phrases


As I highlighted and sorted through phrases and words that stood out to me I noticed several common trends. During the five days I journaled, I focused a lot on my emotions, particularly the unsettling ones that take over my mind as I go about my day. I also came to my own conclusions about the human race based on observing the people around me and what they were doing. Most of the unsettling feelings I wrote down stemmed from conversations I had with people or events I witnessed throughout the day. It would be interesting to further explore why I constantly focus on the uneasiness I feel throughout the day and why those feelings stick with me, rather than the positive thoughts. To form a potential question that is less personal, I could explore how other people are emotionally affected by events that are constantly happening around them. I would like to show a connection between the negative emotions one can feel and the visuals that cause them.

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