Week 4: Three Topics

Three Topics


  1. The similarities/differences between how artists today and back in the convey love

Looking at paintings that depict the goddesses and gods from Greek mythology, many artists portray them in a sensual way. Most females are drawn nude with long flowing hair, the men being muscular and fierce. Although many people today have those same preferences, other traits have become desirable. What has caused the shift in style that has changed the way an artist depicts a subject as desirable? The idea that people have evolved to have different preferences when it comes to loving someone is incredibly interesting. I would love to discover how those preferences changed, how they came about and how they are reflected through art as time continues. I would use multiple sources, such as paintings from the 1400s-1500s, and art from today’s society. Books written about the attraction and how physical appearance has changed, along with articles and documentaries would also be helpful.


  1. Famous depictions of the Greek gods and goddesses used in today’s culture

In today’s society there are multiple ways that illustrators and graphic designers incorporate art portraying Greek gods/goddesses. Many modern interpretations of famous paintings are used in publicity today. People tend to refer to man famous paintings when making art, whether it be for the aesthetic or other purposes. Ever since I was little I loved reading about Greek mythology. Growing up, I didn’t realize how popular it was in art until recently. I’m drawn to the paintings that depict gods and goddesses because they are just so beautiful, and I think it would be interesting to find out why other people are drawn to them as well. Could there be an underlying psychological reason as to why so many people love these famous paintings? I would use articles and advertisement that feature famous paintings or elements from the time period, while also using primary sources such as the paintings themselves.


  1. The relevance of classical paintings in today’s society

Although a lot of famous paintings were made a very long time ago, they are references in various literature and creative works. Why do we tend to continually use past works, when we can create new ones. I’m interested as to why people are so drawn to the styles and portraits from so long ago. The styles sometimes are outdated yet they remain iconic in the visual world. I would use paintings from the 1400s-1600s and from today’s society, historical and english textbooks along with articles to figure out why classical art is popular today in visual culture.

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