Week 14: Presentation Plan

Presentation Plan




  • My initial interest in paintings began with bridge 1 – translating any image into text
    • Creation of Adam, a painting I love because of the aesthetic appeal
    • Explain why I chose it, (interesting composition, i love drawing human anatomy, I see it everywhere)
    • There are many iterations of it today


  • Met Assignment I again was drawn to greek mythology, one of my interests
    • Venus and Adonis, attracted to the anatomy, composition, color, and theme of it
    • When asked if a topic could come out of it I thought yes, bc I kept wondering why I was so drawn to that style (also same question for Creation of Adam)


  • Initially I was more focused on the psychological reasons as to why people are so drawn to Renaissance works, after reading John Berger’s Ways Of Seeing I understood more


  • Describe research topic process:
    • initially I wanted to focus on psychological reasons why some Renaissance paintings are loved, and shifted to why they are still relevant
    • Ideas revolved around Italian art but that was too broad
    • Narrowed done to Birth of Venus because I found that one very interesting
    • Focused on why it’s so popular (i thought bc of style), shifted to how iterations have changed meaning
    • Writing first draft with the idea that the meaning has changed but style has stayed the same (3 case studies)


  • To get to the final thesis,:

“By mimicking Botticelli’s style in modern interpretations, artists hope to convey various messages while looking at the body through the lens of beauty.”

  • I was heavily influenced by bridge 3


  • Describe bridge 3
    • Process, struggles, technical errors, CRITIQUE
    • Simone’s comment about how the text was almost conforming all of the iterations
    • I intended to focus on style but the meaning seemed to be more what was being highlighted


  • This insight made me rethink my direction


  • Reread my first draft and realized how my case studies provided more evidence to the meaning changing


  • Thesis change to fit research


  • Helpful writing center tutor
    • Helped with structuring my paper, finding key points, reassurance, gave me more insight (when referencing Birth of Venus the artist is commenting on beauty and seeing whoever the subject is as beautiful bc they’re comparing to Venus)
    • Revised my paper to add more about how it was interpreted rather than received throughout time and Botticelli’s influences (Simonetta bc she was so beautiful which supports my claim that Botticelli’s Venus is a beauty standard)


  • Bridge 3 helped strengthen my paper while my paper helped me make bridge 4


  • Bridge 4
    • Struggled with how to translate my original book
    • Found that my newer research helped me with making this new translation
    • Video was to my advantage
    • My original book lost some elements bc interactive matching was gone


  • Overall the work I did in both classes bounced off one another and heavily influenced the other

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