Core Studio 3D: Egghead Portrait

I initially began with the back of the head as my portrait. I drew myself popping out from inside the egg, with a surprised look on my face. After reading the guidelines, I realized I had to utilize the entire egg as a head. I wanted to still convey the surprised emotion illusion, so I decided that on the other side I would create a self portrait expressing no emotion, and the illusion portrait would represent the “little me” in the back of my mind that a viewer can see when turning the egghead around. I liked the idea of showing the contrast between what I physically express, and how I could feel internally.

The style for this portrait is similar to the one I used for a zine I created last fall, where the color blocked areas have small gaps to show individual line work and the facial structures are blocky rather than circular smooth. The gaps create depth and a more interesting texture to look at, and can be depicted as hair strands for this particular project.


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