Core Studio 3D: Demo B: Set Design & Lighting

I chose to do Demo B, and gathered a few of items around my room. I wanted to make it a surreal scene, with the scale of objects not making much sense. I chose a mini shopping cart, easel, cream pitcher, and rubber clownfish.

To create my scene, I was inspired by photoshoots I’ve seen that have an 80’s hazy glow and warm tones. I used a vintage Gunne Sax skirt as a backdrop, tucked in book that leaned on a wall.

I began by photographing the scene in natural daylight, to test the angles, composition and backdrop functionality. I then used a warm desk light to create yellow orange tones.

Natural light

The yellow tones were really prominent, so in Photoshop upped the pink tones and exposure to create a softer look.

To experiment, I used plastic wrap to cover the lens of my camera covered in a thin layer of Vaseline. The film created a blurry haze, which is reminiscent of the 80’s dream effect. At first, I put too much Vaseline on, and it made the photos too unrecognizable. But after taking some off, mixed with the warm light source, the composition became very dreamy and soft.

test shot

final image

The lecturer’s point that color and lighting can drastically change a mood really resonated with me, and so after using warm lighting and having softer edges, I wanted to contrast those images by using cold tones and sharper shadows.

I used plastic wrap over my camera lenses that I colored with blue markers to create blue hues. I took away the draped background, and was left with blank walls that made the objects stand out more.For light I used my phone’s flashlight, and turned off the other lamps. The light came from the side, to create shadows on the wall. I wanted a cool blue, so I attempted at making the gels a few times until I got the right shade.

set up

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