Core Seminar 3D: Week 3 Project Update

After doing more sketches for my project, I realized I was more interested and motivated to create the acrylic bag, opposed to soft accessories, so I’ve decided to focus on making a series of acrylic bags, associating color with emotion, using my original character to display that emotion. I created simple sketches with preliminary color schemes/compositions for a collection of 5 bags. I want to focus on creating 1-2 bags physically, preferably ones with contrasting color schemes. Right now I’m leaning towards doing the blue themed bag for sad, and the red one that represents anger. This week I will make more cardboard/paper prototypes while finalizing the dimensions and shapes for the two that I want to create physically. I have a large sheet of clear acrylic from freshman year, so I want to create prototypes with that material as well before cutting into the colored sheets. I will also visit Canal Plastics to choose the colored sheets.

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