Core Seminar 3D: Week 4 Project Update

This past week I finalized which bags I want to create physically, and their design/dimensions. I created paper models of the box structure and sides that have the character on them. When creating the box I realized to use less acrylic/make the designs more readable, I will use the geometric shapes that I was initially going to glue on the sides of the box, as the sides. On Monday I will go to Canal and bring paper patterns with me to figure out how many sheets I need of each color. For each box I want there to be a mix of 3-4 colors.



For simple symbolism, I’ve decided to add the tear on the character’s face to really make it obvious that the emotion being represented is sadness. I want to do the same for the red bag but am unsure if that is necessary or what to add. I was thinking of adding lightening bolt structures either on the sides, or inside the figure, or add an anger vein symbol commonly used in cartoons in the head area. Do you think I should add symbols to the anger bag, and if so should they be on the character, or outside of the space? Should I add more detail on the tear drop where the character sits, or leave it plain?

For “sad”, I want the bag structure to be a light translucent blue, the character will be translucent blue, the outline is opaque dark blue, and the small tear will be either a white/light blue opalescent shade.

For “anger”, the bag will be either a red or orange translucent color, the character will be a vibrant translucent, the character outline will be an opaque dark red or maroon. If I add flame like or lightening details, they would be either yellow, orange, or red as well.

Depending on what the store has in stock, these colors may change slightly. For the red bag I might add orange as another color, but for the blue bag it is completely monochrome. Should I stick to all reds for the anger bag as well, or possibly add purples in the “sad” bag, or stick with the color choices and have it not matter that Sad is represented with 1 color, while anger has multiple colors.

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