Core Seminar 3D: Week 6 Project Update

Last Wednesday I received the final cut pieces for the bags. I really love the shapes/colors of them, and how they look layered on top of each other. I also created several “tags” with the name of this project and the figures included that I want to add on to the bags. I ended up choosing to use an iridescent clear acrylic for the tear, that reflects yellow/green/blue in different lighting.

I worked on assembling them for the rest of the week, which proved to be really tedious and difficult. I didn’t realize how precise measurements/placements must be in order for the bags to read right/look clean. I also had trouble using the liquid “cement” glue to adhere the pieces together, as it was very messy and came out of the tube super fast at times. When gluing the tear drop base figures/outlines I made the mistake and not lining up the pieces with the base of the bag to get the correct orientation on both sides, and accidentally glued one side facing the wrong direction. I pulled the pieces apart and re-glued them, but there are messy glue stains on the outline that show, even though it dries clear. I’ve tried many things to try and get it off but nothing has worked so far, but I’m, trying to focus less on the imperfections (dust, scratches, burns, glue stains) that are out of my control, especially since this is my first time working with these materials/concept. If anyone has any ideas for how to clean up the glue stains, I’d love to know!!

I’m hoping that when the entire bag is glued together it will be stronger than the smaller sections I glued initially (that sometimes broke apart because the glued sections were so thin).

This week I’m focusing on making sure all pieces are adhered correctly and creating the straps. I want to use a dark blue/dark red satin like material or ribbon for the straps, and I’ve decided against making them adjustable for now as the bags are quite delicate and I don’t want to risk them breaking if I adjust the straps back and forth during photos.

For photos, I’m leaning towards a product design concept rather than in store/outside settings because of the bag fragility/Covid precautions and stores might not like loitering for photos in aisles. I really like the store concepts though so hopefully if I can’t do them now, I can do them in the future some time!

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