The Twinkle of Battle


First-year writing student Natasha Magallon has co-written a story for the August 15 issue of Civil War Times Magazine. The story details the preservation and reopening of an electronic map of the battle of Gettysburg, which was created in 1962 for display at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Until 2008, the map was the centerpiece of a 22-minute audio program about the battle known to mark the turning point of the war. Natasha’s story, written with Kim O’Connell, tells of the map’s restoration at the Hanover [Pennsylvania] Heritage and Conference Center: “People,” they write, “can also learn how a casualty of the battlefield—not a soldier, not a monument, but a beloved and historic map—was saved so that an old story could be told to new generations who still long to hear it.”

Congratulations, Natasha. I welcome other students to let me know of their published work. Write me at

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