Mobility Work in Composition


This weekend first-year writing professor Lucas Corcoran has traveled to the University of Louisville to present his research in composition studies, the concept of translingualism in particular.  The Thomas R. Watson conference is gathering scholars under this theme: “Mobility Work in Composition: Translation, Migration, Transformation,” and Lucas is presenting a paper called “Dropping Process: Translanguaging and Mobility.” He writes in the conference abstract:

[M]y paper claims that composition studies can drop the process discourse all together by utilizing the vocabulary of linguistic mobility articulated by the concept of translanguaging. Translanguaging describes the ways in which language users pull from a mobile and fluid repertoire of linguistic resources in the service of meaning-making in order to response to the affordances that occur in each communicative situation, and it explicitly resists the idea that a language user switches between discretely bounded processes when making meaning. Although first conceived for dynamic bilingual education, translanguaging offers composition study a new model of language mobility and fluidity that, I argue, can successfully displace the discourse of process in all its iterations.

All good wishes, Lucas.

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