Spring ’18 Craft Lunches

Throughout the spring, Lang’s First-Year Writing Program is hosting a series of weekly lunches where faculty will present dynamic and interactive lessons in the craft of writing. These lunches will be held on Tuesday afternoons, 12:30-1:30, and are open to any interested students and faculty. Food will be provided. Lunches will be held in room 510, 66 West 12th Street.

Here’s a schedule:

Tues., Feb. 6, Scott Korb, with a talk titled “On Being Impolite”

Tues., Feb. 13, Lang alumnus, and part-time faculty, Alex Vadukul, with a talk titled “Back to the Basics: The Word, The Sentence, The Paragraph”

Tues., Feb. 20, New School archivist, Aaron Winslow, with a talk about working in the archives

Tues., Feb. 27, Alison Kinney, with a talk about close reading

Tues. Mar. 6, Nina Boutsikaris, with a talk titled “Mindfulness for Writers”

Tues., Mar. 13, Christen Clifford, with a talk titled “Voice: Reading Aloud for Yourself and Others”

Tues., Mar. 27, Parsons faculty Brie Bouslaugh, with a talk titled “The Place of the ‘I’”

Tues., Apr. 3, Parsons faculty Rachel Aydt, with a talk titled “On Feedback”

Tues., Apr. 10, Jonathan Liebson, with a talk titled “Beginnings and Endings”

Tues., Apr. 17, Miller Oberman, with a talk titled “What is an Image”

Tues., Apr. 24, Lucas Corcoran, with a talk titled “Reading as a Writer”

Tues., May 1, Scott Korb, with a talk titled “The Courage to Sound Like Ourselves”

Tues., May 8, Olga Breydo, with a talk titled “Habits That Last”


We in First-Year Writing, with our colleagues at Parsons and across the University, hope these lunches can be opportunities to bring writing students and faculty together for both in-depth discussions of writing fundamentals and the more advanced lessons in what it takes to write convincing and arresting work. All are welcome. Write Scott Korb, Director of First-Year Writing, with any questions: korbs@newschool.edu.

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