End Of The First Year – Reflection

My name is Esra Gumrukculer and I am studying communication design. This year I took the courses: Avatar Studio, Avatar Seminar, Body Drawing and Imaging, English As Supportive Language 1700, English As Supportive Language 1750 and Time in my first semester; and Studio Visual Culture, Seminar Visual Culture, English As supportive Language 1800, French intro 1, Space and Materiality and Product Packaging Promotion in my second semester.


In every class I have learned different skills that I can use in every other class too. For example in Time I learned how to use adobe programs and I used them both for my Drawing andImaging Class and Space and Materiality Class. In Space and Materiality I learned how to use many different materials and my final for Studio was from those  Materials. I have improved my writings in both seminar and english classes. I learned the basics of many things and realized what I am more interested in.





My favorite projects from this year are:

1- Drawing And Imaging – My Body In The City

Firt 3 Images :

Final Image:








2- Space And Materiality – An Experiment On Exam Psychology

I designed a room in order to illustrate exam psychology and asked my friends to experience it while I record their responses. They are all alone in a room covered with exam papers for 15 minutes. All they have is a chair, a paper and a pen.







For the upcoming years I want to learn what Communication Design offers as well as sculpting, sociology and french. I want to be able to use my hands in my works as well as improving on adobe programs.

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